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33 charts is a newsletter that explores technology and medicine. It was started in 2017 (on another platform) by me, Bryan Vartabedian.

Thousands of health professionals, executives, journalists and independent thinkers have trusted 33c to keep them informed of off-beat developments in healthcare and technology – issues that reflect obvious, or sometimes not-so-obvious, change.

Digital Exhaust, the core 33 charts letter, ships on Friday morning (sometimes the weekend) as a collection of short-format, high impact summaries of the best stuff I’ve found in health and technology. Usually these are news pieces that reflect the turbulent undercurrent of healthcare. I’ll also be sharing select mini-essays that explore a topic in healthcare that I’ve observed.

33charts focus

My focus of the letter will change over time. Here’s what I’m obsessed with right now:

  • New products and services are technology companies making.

  • How are doctors and patients changing due to new health care technology?

  • The future of work — What’s the future role of the doctor and the APP?

  • How is transparency and information flow changing medicine?

  • How is information overload creating a crisis of knowledge and attention?

How I see the world of medicine and healthcare

This is an amazing time to be in medicine. Despite some cynicism over changes in the healthcare , we’re witnessing the most radical disruption of healthcare delivery and technology in generations. So I see myself as helping to narrate that experience through personal encounters and analysis of current events. I try to offer context to what’s happening. 

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Bryan Vartabedian

I’m a physician leader and observer of the impact of technology on humans and healthcare.