I left my previous GP because she spent almost all of my appointment time typing and clicking; only looking at me briefly at the end of the appointment. I felt like she was a stenographer as I described my issue, often having to pause for her to catch up, and she still got a lot of it wrong.

At my current medical system, the nurses get my file up on the computer before the Dr. comes in. The Dr. spends the whole time focused on me, which is NICE. I read the notes they input later and they are always accurate. I can see they were paying attention to what I said and that they spend a lot of time on me that I don't see.

I wouldn't ask a telehealth question unless it was absolutely needed and would expect to be charged for their time. Like the article said, my call generates a chunk of associated work.

Super stuff, as usual. Thank you!

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The proportion of ehr users who love the tech is always very small. Mostly we recognize what an absolute water of time much of it is .time that is limited and could be spent with the patient

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