It was after finishing residency where I became interested in appraising scientific research. Looking back, I realize how silly all those research papers were that my colleagues and I pursued in med school and residency. All just to pad our resume. Now I see even premed students stressed out about finding "research" to write down on their med school applications.

Publishing for the sake of being published. Looking back, it was all busy work with no skills or knowledge gained. I'm surprised that even the PIs were using their time to write those papers. Then there are things like QI projects that seem to be at the epitome of useless, but ironically mandated, research spurred on by it becoming a metric.

There was no attention paid to asking good questions, and learning best methods for answering those questions.

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"And AI is only making fakery a bigger issue…"

I'll say. I did a GPT search recently on a medical topic. Got a nicely worded answer back based on one study. AS for the citation. Got the citation. Searched for said Journal: non existent.

Asked what was up: "I apologize for any confusion. As an AI language model, I strive to provide accurate information to the best of my knowledge and capabilities. However, there might be occasional errors or misunderstandings on my part.

Upon reviewing my previous responses, I realize that I may have made an error in my reference to a study published in the Journal of (LEFT BLANK) After double-checking my sources, I cannot find any study with that exact title or reference.

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