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Loved the piece about RNs and messaging.

When I was solo and had my first EHR (in 2004) I decided NO INBOX (for me).

My RN was never more than 10 feet from my face. Our communication was a seemingly seamless flow. Good RNs are (were) the best thing for physician (and patient) wellness. I now work with mostly MAs. Their learning curve is long, slow and ultimately limited and the good ones move up in the ranks.

We now use TEAMs. It’s generally one way ie them to me unless I am remote (one day a week).

Needless to say I am a BIG fan of analog communication.

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Thank you! That article on the iron lung was fascinating. I had no idea it all went down that way.

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I definitely look forward every Sunday to your Digital Exhaust, on Substack, with links to so many interesting and educational articles.

Along with my church meetings, it is one of the highlights of my day.

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Not sure why but the section about overcomplicating a walk was funny

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