Once again I have read some interesting things that I might not have thought to research...

...but because of you I have lots more information floating about my brain...

Thanks for your posts!!!

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Super stuff, again, thank you!

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Hi and thanks for the mention! It’s good to reconnect, and it’s not everyday someone bestows you with the high honor of being named an “OG” in something! Maybe once or twice in a lifetime if we’re lucky ☺️

Also need to commend you on this law of thermodynamics:

“This is a fundamental law that you can take to the bank: When the focus of a doctor’s public presence is getting attention, they’re likely to wind up somewhere bad.”

A great reminder for all of us trying to say something publicly. We must refocus when straying from the right motivations.

And BTW, you’re one of the OG’s, too!

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