The room in the photo has huge windows, i.e., good light and ventilation and a nice view of trees and nature. I wish more of our medical facilities had that. Mine, thank goodness, has excellent lighting and lots of natural light due to multiple adjustable skylights. Many medical facilities are dark and overall depressing, and fluorescent lighting is a disaster.

Talking about humans doing their weird, unique things. Last week I took a young European relative to Las Vegas to watch the NBA summer league. We also went to see Cirque du Soleile’s “O.” It was my third time in 24 years. It delighted me as much, if not more than previously, and one of the thoughts that came to mind was the privilege of such an Analog experience rooted in human skill and artistry across so many fields: imagination, acrobatics, music, costume, and lighting. All of which take years and years to build. I still find it to be one of my peak artistic experiences. Nothing algorithmic about it. He liked the basketball but LOVED the performance. Now when a 17 yo young man and a 61 yo woman can be equally delighted, that adds to its remarkableness.

Thanks for a lovely read, Brian!

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You seem to always come up with so many interesting things to look at and read about.

I would love to be able to help you make one of those places into an Airbnb, but have limited resources to add to yours. HA!

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