Dr V - Best of luck with the opening and I think you are spot on w selective optimization. I once heard someone say about their company’s product: ‘It’s like a premium-trim-level Toyota Camry, not a Cadillac, not a Ferrari… and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It just works.’ I see this in my work as well. Some things really do need to be perfect, but many things just need to be good enough. The time and effort and expense invested in making everything ‘best in class’ across the board could be better invested in ‘good enough’ for many things and in getting more things done that otherwise fall off the table entirely. An unspoken related issue, though, is the question of value-based payment and incentives to improve performance against specific markers. This can create a couple of problems. For example: (1) Things not specifically incentivized can fall off the table even if they’re important. (Could be clinical-related, payor-related, labor-related, etc.) (2) Payors keep moving the goalposts, so even achieving perfect scores might put you back in the doghouse the next year.

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I really do hope everything works out extremely well for you, with the opening.

I am impressed with what you are doing...and it takes a quite a lot to impress me.

I think your words have such great meaning; as we are all dealing with trying to perfect things, while dealing with each of us as incredibly imperfect humans.

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